Monday Morning Message


It’s been raining and yucky for about three days now. This morning I woke up to yet another day of overcast, rain, fog and temp’s hovering in the high 40’s. Here is my “Welcome to Monday Morning” view from my kitchen window –


Certainly, not a Chamber of Commerce picture. We need the rain, though. Badly. Of course it’s snowing in the local mountains, naturally just one week after our departure.

It’s these rare stretches of weather that remind me how fortunate I am to be here. With temperatures rarely above 90 degrees in the worst part of summer nor below 45 degrees in the midst of winter, San Diego weather rarely challenges us. A day like today would be considered the norm where I grew up in the midwest, except that it would generally be about 30-40 degrees cooler this time of year and the rain would be ice or snow.

I can’t get too depressed, though. I know we’re spoiled. But yet, I am very much looking forward to the sun making it’s return. Hopefully, soon. Oh, a Charger victory next week in Indy wouldn’t hurt either.

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!



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