More on Twilight Photography – Covering Your Bases


Fridays for most are the end of the work week, a sort of welcome-wagon to consecutive days off, and Friday night becomes the “big night out.” Friday nights for me are no different.

Nothing says fun like spending a couple of hours with your favorite photographer. My hot date a couple of weeks ago was Ian, and our clandestine meeting took place at 11805 Ridge Run Way.

Our listing at 11805 Ridge Run Way in the Tiempo neighborhood of Scripps Ranch provided a perfect setting for my second foray into twilight photographer. What made this home different was that our first candidate begged for night shots because of the impressive curb appeal and dramatic front lighting, not to mention a few twinkly lights from the view decks. Ridge Run, by contrast, is all about the view from the rear.

Here is an afternoon shot of the front of the home followed by a shot taken at twilight. While I still prefer the feel of the photo captured as the sun was setting, I don’t find that one is dramatically superior to the other, at least not superior enough to justify the added expense.



Front yard lighting at this home is not generous, so shots taken when it was darker yet just didn’t work.

The rear yard performed fabulously at night, but these two photos underscore the need for both sunlight and twilight photos in certain circumstances.



 Finally, I believe that reserving twilight photography for view homes alone is a mistake. Had this home backed to a Motel 6, which it clearly does not, the evening shoot would have been worth it. Most agents come to learn that some homes are “daytime” homes, while others put on their best faces at night. This particular home positively glowed with warmth as the skies darkened.



Both the day and night shots had value in the case of this property. From a marketing standpoint, you can’t be sure what will speak to your ultimate, perfect buyer. Will he be a view guy? Will he be moved by images of backyard fun, “light and bright” daytime activities or romantic evening scenes? The purpose of the photography is to tell a story and appeal to the buyer on an emotional level and, since we don’t know our buyer during the early stages of marketing, twilight shoots ensure that all bases are covered.

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