No Holidays in Real Estate Nation – And So What!


Woe-is-me. It’s a National Holiday, and I have a boatload of work to do. All week I have taken one step forward and two back. To compound matters, the kidlettes are off school, which means four little eyes will soon be looking up at the camp counselor (me) for things like entertainment and, yes, food. And I’m SICK. My self-diagnosis tells me it is of the Martian Death Flu variety.

It is of course a day when most of the nation gets a work break, but as every working agent out there knows, there is no such thing in Real Estate Nation. With the exception of a brief, 48-hour respit to the Happy Land I call Las Vegas for our recent 20th anniversary, I haven’t had a true day off in, oh, a bizillion years. This of course provides a veritable breeding ground for the Martian Death Flu germ babies.

So in defference to my compromised effectiveness, I am going to delegate the more mundane tasks to Steve today (read: meet the inspector, refill the flyer boxes, and, oh yes, write the offer). I will be spending the day, as my Grandmother calls it, “playing computer”. I am hopeful, even confident, that I can muster the energy to update our online market statistics, upload the six files of contracts that have been taunting me for the past week, and perhaps even set up my showings for tomorrow’s buyer tour. Oh yes, and run the weekend open house ads, prepare the comparative market anaysis my client is waiting on, design a new property brochure, and finalize two “Just Listed” print pieces. Poor Kristi.

Now, I do want to acknowledge that I haven’t forgotten why it is a National Holiday. Today (tomorrow, actually), we are honoring and remembering our veterans. Gosh, forget the preceding pity party. I’m sick – big deal. I haven’t been called to leave my family to protect our citizens in some foreign, dangerous place, nor have I been asked to lay my life on the line for freedom. For men and women serving in Iraq right now, there is likely little interest in the real estate market, my to do list, or my little health crisis. To all of those who have commited their lives and careers to service to our country and to those who have lost loved ones as a result, you have my deepest gratitude.

Now, that’s a perspective check. Thank you to all the men and women who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces, and Happy Veteran’s Day.  I am feeling better already.

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