No programmers on payroll? Mapping home sales on a shoestring.

It’s another beautiful San Diego morning, and I should be going for a run — or closing out a couple of transaction files. Instead, I had this sudden urge to make maps.

I have used MapAList in the past. It’s a rather addictive little tool that allows you to take any spreadsheet and map the results. It has been handy for plotting our closed sales to create this very compelling visual. (Sorry, new agents, I haven’t updated the data to reflect all of your own hard work in the Scripps Ranch ‘hood, but that will happen eventually.)

This morning, when I arguably had better things to do, I got a bee in my bonnet to replace the old, crusty tabular sold statistics on our web site with a map-based version using this tool. Alas, I am not Zillow or Redfin with large sums of venture capital and rooms full of full-time programmers, so this is a rudimentary manual method of providing data. However, for our more locally focused site, it works.

And maps make my happy.

Here is what the sales of detached homes in Scripps Ranch look like for March:

You will notice if you click on any of the markers that I really got my geek on. MapAList allows two fields to appear in the “bubble,” but with a little spreadsheet magic (and a quick trip to their FAQs), I was able to get all of the vitals to appear. I did the same for attached sales, which you can see here.

The only question remaining is whether or not I dutifully update these on a regular basis. That’s the plan. Wish me luck.

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