Now, THIS is Dedication!

Kristn.jpgI had to post something to get Noah’s blog swap entry off of my front page. A fine post it was, but it was time to reclaim my territory.

On the day of the big Yankee Blog Swap, I slapped his article on our site and piled in the car with the rest of the nuclear family (including Simon-the-world’s-dumbest-Golden Retriever) for our annual Christmas trek to Lake Arrowhead. Seventy-two hours later, I wouldn’t say we have reached the Zen moment of relaxation, but we are settled in and operational. The fax machine has been tested with the successful outgoing 21-page purchase offer transmission and my fingers are at the moment frozen to the keyboard of my little laptop. It is a balmy 40 degrees on the deck of our cabin (warmer today), and I am ankle deep in snow. I am armed and dangerous with a cup of coffee to my right and a bowl of peanuts to my left, the latter being for the extremely agressive and overfed squirrels that surround me at the moment. My first screenplay will undoubtedly be of the horror genre and will involve these fuzzy little fanged rodents storming my home while I sleep, wearing little army fatigues and combat boots, in search of yet more unsalted snacks.

Real estate typically begins to wind down this week. There are escrows and listings to manage of course (always), but buyers, sellers and agents alike tend to take a little break before the January crazy days are upon us. The first week of January always marks renewed activity. Agents are lining up listings in a holding pattern, all of which will be ready to be unwrapped before we have broken our first New Year’s resolutions. Buyers are hanging out in anticipation of a full stocking of new inventory from which to choose.

Steve and I will be back to sharing stats and waxing philosophical on the industry soon. In the meantime, we are going to try to wind down a bit ourselves. We are looking forward to the next five days of Forced Family Fun. If history repeats, we should make it well into Sunday before the kids start fighting in earnest and the dog throws up. By then, I hope to have finished my Year in Review blog post. Now, that’s dedication!

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