Our Mobile Phone Search is no longer elitist.

Well, it sort of is. You still need to have a web-enabled cell phone. Other than that, our mobile phone home search offering is now available to everyone thanks to Smarter Agent.

We introduced our mobile search feature a couple of months ago which initially worked on only a handful of devices. Alas, my own Blackberry Storm (the poor cousin of the other Blackberrys in the more popular crowd) was not one of them. Now, our buddies at Smarter Agent have found a solution for the rest of us.

When you visit the mobile search application (at the bottom of the side bar here or on the home page of our web site) and find that your particular phone isn’t listed, click “other” and you will receive a text message with the link to Smarter Agent’s WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) site. Type in your cell number, and voila! You will have the entire MLS at your fingertips. You can even search by address, so when you find yourself staring at that empty brochure box, there will be no need to panic.

The search results are nicely optimized for your cell phone. I tried it myself, and it worked like a champ. Here is what my own address search returned (this captured from my computer screen).


Of course, when you click on “More Info,” you get what you asked for. All of the photos and all of the yak-yak provided by the listing agent are instantly available for your enjoyment and scrutiny.


The really cool part is that, if you dare, you can click on “Call to See,” and you will magically be connected to my chipper little voice (or, if you draw the short straw, Steve’s) allowing me to warm up the car and open the door for you.


It’s clean, it’s easy and it is oh-so-cool if you want MLS data at your disposal on the fly. Try it, and happy hunting!

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