Overspending on business applications – An attention deficit.



President proposes $3 trillion budget.

That is this morning’s headline. I did this once, and Steve threatened to take away my credit cards.  “But I need stuff, and stuff costs a lot!” I emphatically reminded him. The harsh reality is that my life has not been measurably richer as a result of the pretty appetizer platter I most recently purchased. And the nachos, it turns out, are no happier.

Need versus want: It is a curious conundrum. Sometimes I need something because it will indisputably enhance my life (Tivo), yet most of the time the need is in fact a want driven by some primal desire to not be left out (black skinny jeans). As in the case of my questionable fashion choices, be careful what you wish for.

Web 2.0 proposes 3 trillion social networking tools.

I am currently subscribed to so many social networking sites that I have to keep a score sheet tacked to my office wall. I am LinkedIn and Plaxo-approved. I am a member of several Meet-up Groups with whom I have yet to actually meet up. I am Twitter enabled, and I have found that Twittering, like sitting around the dinner table with my children, is yet another opportunity to be affirmatively ignored. I have a Facebook account, even though I haven’t exactly gotten around to creating my page, and I GoogleTalk. I have essentially dormant accounts at YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, WellcomeMat, Zipvo, and dozens of others I can’t even remember. I was even a Trulia Voice once or twice, but it was more of a whisper.

Michael Wurzer wrote about this multi-tasking heartburn. I increasingly find myself sitting at a big old buffet with too many choices. I try them all but, in doing so, find that I am unable to savor any one offering fully. They all start to taste the same.

We maintain this blog, we contribute on others, and we still have the Scripps Ranch Home Blog, our weak attempt at hyper-local blogging, still floating around out there. All but forgotten, it still generates a comment now and then, taunting us like the middle child to pay it just some attention. Not too long ago, Steve said we should have secured the simpler ScrippsRanchBlog.com domain. “Too late,” I said. “It’s taken.” A quick trip to the Whois registry confirmed this fact. I own it. I forgot.

So, as I found myself at my keyboard yesterday simultaneously researching comps for a client, talking on the phone with one our Buyers’ Agents and carrying on an IM conversation with a blog visitor, it occurred to me that it may be time to reel it in a bit, and to regain the ability to focus on one part at a time.

Where is my pottery?

My youngest daughter told me yesterday afternoon that she was going to a sculpting class with a friend and would be home in an hour. Cool! Who knew Emily was in to the arts? I had a brief mental image of my youngest seated at a pottery wheel throwing a vase as I waved goodbye and told her to have fun.

Emily returned home in time for dinner drenched in sweat, and only when she failed to produce the much-anticipated warped ceramic bowl, did I realize that her sculpting class was in fact an exercise class. Body sculpting. Isolating the various areas of the overall body. Now I get it. I must be stretched a little thin.

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