We had a uncommon quorum at Chez Berg this past week. Daughter #1 had a rare break from work, thanks to a recess at the Missouri legislature where she covers the intrigue that is state politics in the Heartland. Daughter #2, for reasons unknown to her cooler Freshman classmates, chose San Diego over Cabo San Lucas to spend week.

And in between it all, Steve and I were trying to navigate seven escrows, a half-dozen buyers all wanting to see homes at the same time on the same day, a couple of active listings, and six more homes in various stages of readying for their coming out parties.

In short, we have been a really bad juggling act – multi-tasking maniacs. And with “busy” often comes frustration. We tend to become irritated when we can’t see the ointment through the flies – with people who are rude, with agents who are careless, unprofessional or unethical, and even with poor Caesar Chavez, whose “special day” means the two escrows we were supposed to close on Thursday have to be rescheduled while the County recorder enjoys a day of golf and gardening in his honor.

Prioritization is a challenge for everyone, I suppose. We are all running at full throttle in a fast-paced world of news delivered instantaneously and in 140 characters, in a world of competing professional and personal demands because the world seemingly demands more from us these days. For the real estate agent, carving out personal time is even more daunting as we are on call every night and weekend, and the work schedules us, not the other way around.

Yesterday morning, I waved good-bye to my first offspring. I couldn’t take her to the airport because I had to prepare for a listing appointment – one that by mid-morning had been cancelled by the seller. And I watched my second baby pull out of the driveway on her first solo journey back to college, having finally convinced us she should have her car on campus. She’s the one with whom, just two days prior, I had missed a lunch date because of a meeting with a plumber and another with a photographer.

This morning I read this. It reminded me of the time I wrote this.

Suddenly, I am not as irritated by all of the little irritants. Hug your family. Go do it. Now.

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