Push marketing – Not so dead as we might think

Tomorrow kicks off the National Association of Realtors (little ‘R’) annual conference. This year, San Diego gets the nod. If you are a broker or an agent, you might care. As for our three readers, three of whom are civilians, the whole subject is about as interesting as a waxed fruit.

So we won’t talk about it — except to say that Steve and I need to be there. He gets the better end of the deal. He gets to just show up. I have a couple of speaking gigs, so for me, it falls a little more under the category of work. Either way, we will be a multi-tasking rubber balls between now and Sunday, bouncing between the networking fun and frivolity at the Convention Center and our business back at the Ranch.

You’ve heard the “Kris is busy” message before, so you know that can mean only one thing. It’s rerun time.

Steve wrote this little stream of consciousness back in September, 2006. Given the changes we have seen in both the market and in the growth and popularity of a new order of marketing ala social media, you would think things have changed, but they haven’t.

Does this stuff really work anymore?  Given my spam bucket and the enormity of its contents, sometimes I wonder if we weren’t premature in writing the eulogy for push marketing. Based on the steady stream of MLS listings I see with pictures of toilet bowls and sinks full of dirty dishes, I often wonder how much thought really goes into selecting representation. Someone must be still buying this stuff.

A disturbing trend has reached my local grocery store. I’m there the other day doing a bit of shopping, and I look at the cart. I was aware that an agent had previously purchased the right to have an advertising placard on the inside of the baby seat. I could also see  another agent had purchased the rights to a placard on the inside of the front of the cart. So I’m stuck having to look at these competitiors while I try to find fresh fruit. Now, I see that the OUTSIDE of the front of the cart has a third agent placard. GEEZ! It’s like NASCAR.

Maybe I should pop for the two remaining sides or sponser the wheels. I’ll bet Vons will only let me buy one wheel or side. I wonder how much it would cost to get the entire cart? Will someone please tell me if they hired an agent because they saw them on the Vons grocery cart? I’m starting my business plan for 2007 and would really like some input on this.

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