Real estate fits and starts, and it's just another Monday.

It’s been just another Monday. Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. They all do lately.

First, there is the little matter of my entire family being absentee. Once the initial euphoria of flying solo wore off (an initial euphoria involving images of wild, unsupervised parties with a bottomless Bag O’ Take-Out, the People magazine all to myself and, perhaps, dancing bears), reality set in. Being the first and last line of defense will wear on you. I’m pooped.

Steve has been away at college. I know what you’re thinking; it’s not that. He’s smart enough, and even went to (and graduated from) college — in the Pleistocene Era. This trip was with Daughter No. 1 to attend Summer Welcome program for her Mizzou Journalism program. Meanwhile, Daughter No. 2 has been having the time of her life at a UCLA Comedy Improv Camp (for credit — go figure). Put the four X chromosomes together, and you just might have the makings for a real estate agent.

Steve will, no doubt, return professing to have been on the short receiving end of the proverbial stick, but trust me. He had it easy. Sure, he had to attend two days of parent orientation sessions and put his best (fake) foot forward for Daugher No. 1’s roommate’s parents. And Daughter No. 2 will no doubt return with combat stories of homework and having to conquer a coin-operated laundering device unassisted. Oh, the humanity! Then, they will all return home with crazy ideas about a stocked refrigerator and even a premeditated dinner. Good luck with that.

Pop Quiz: How many consecutive days can one sustain oneself on pizza alone? (Answer: Three. Or, maybe four. Today I haven’t eaten yet. The results are still coming in. It is too early to call.)

Our real estate market, or as I affectionately call it, my only visible means of self-support, is random at best right now. It is running along in fits and starts. This week was no different. One day the phone just wouldn’t cease and desist, not even long enough for me to a) eat; b) blog; c) buy groceries; or d) all of the above. Other days, I found myself spending more time in a Vulcan mind-meld stare with Simon the Dumb Dog (who is missing his “people”) than on productive and potentially debt-relief activities. The randomness of the market is making me a bit unfocused.

Sadly, the most notable result of my big, solo adventure has been a propagation of the to-do list species. I currently have to-do lists in every room of my house, in the cup holder of my car, and stuffed up the sleeves and in the pockets of every garment I own. I think this may have something to do with over-reaching in the goal setting arena, or maybe I just need a vacation. Whatever it is, this market is just so unpredictable. Just when I am planning on spending my day in my Big Girl Realtor Clothes, I hear crickets; on a day I am planning on putting my head down and doing boring yet necessary business-management stuff until my eyes glaze over, the phone rings. I have learned to be a quick-change artist.

So, it really is Tuesday. I know this because I have a headache from the little Bluetooth thingy I have been wearing all day in my now hands-free state. Sure, it’s a good thing, but after eleven hours of continuous wear, it hurts, kind of like clip-on earrings. I know it is Tuesday because it was trash day in Scripps Ranch. (Note to Steve: I got it out on time.) I know it is Tuesday because everyone is talking about a 4th of July day off, and I am hoping I can cash in on some of that discretionary time stuff.

But, back to the to-do lists. There are the mandatory A-list items, and then there are important yet not so food-on-the-table focused B-listers. I have dispensed with the A-list today, escrows in progress, listing appointments, showings and offers, but the B-list chores are hovering like playful Poltergeists threatening to slime me with anonymity. The B-list is self-inflicted.

That B-list is really starting to cramp my style. The two B-list biggies for the on-line agent this week are Video and Social Networking. Video is the new Realtor must-do. I know this because everyone tells me it is so. “Video is the next frontier,” they say. “If you don’t have video on your web site or blog by noon, you will be living in the desert out of a refrigerator carton,” they warn. But video takes time, and I still have this day job. Today I will cling to the notion that the sun will rise on my business tomorrow if I haven’t completed my first neighborhood spotlight docudrama before the pizza arrives.

And then there is that social networking can of worms. It is fashionable now (essential, even, if you believe the experts) to have links on your site to your Facebook page, your Twitter feeds, your Flickr masterpieces and your LinkedIn profile, to name a few. I am in a conundrum. Do I add these links today and expose myself as the relatively friendless, linkless, fair-weather networker I am, hoping that this will serve to build by cyber-sphere? Or, do I dash off to beef up my connections and profiles in advance of my coming out party so I show up dressed to impress?

I really hate the B-list. Today was our office meeting, the one I had to miss to get a listing agreement signed. It must be Tuesday.

(Editor’s Note: It is very clearly Wednesday, but the arrival of the pizza was a distraction, and the author failed to hit the “publish” button.)

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