Responsibility and time off –This is a test.

My daughter is taking her SAT test this morning and in honor of this life-cycle event, I am offering this two-part practice test. And, don’t feel pressured; it’s a take home exam. Since it is practice, I have even given the answers at the end.

Question #1 (Multiple Choice)

You are showing a home. You are a licensed real estate agent who, at this moment in time, is only concerned with one thing: Opening the door to let your clients in, and locking up when you leave. (OK, that’s two things.) When you are finished showing the property, after having unlocked the door and turned on all of the lights, you:

a) Turn off all of the lights that you, just moments ago, turned on, lock the door behind you, and return the key to the lockbox; or,

b) Run for the car in an attempt to break the land speed record, hoping to hit the road again before Ryan Seacrest finishes his top 40 countdown, leaving the front door to the now fully illuminated (and professionally staged) home unlocked, the lockbox wide open, and the key in your pocket.

Bonus Question: What is the number one song in the nation this morning?

Question #2 (Story Problem)

Kris will be commencing her last chance at 40-something on Monday, and on Wednesday Steve will be celebrating something starting with a “5.” In what will be the perfect storm of “you are so old, we can’t carbon date you” reminders, they will also be commemorating their twenty-second year of having been married without killing each other. Will Kris be able to take three days off, out of town, with her husband and keep her promise to forward her phones and leave her laptop behind?

Bonus question: They are going to Las Vegas. If Kris does forward her phones and leave her laptop in San Diego, will she be able to avoid the temptation to check messages and visit the business center at least once to check her e-mail and the MLS hotsheet, and maybe blog a little?



  1. (b) (Bonus Answer: I don’t know. Ask the agent who showed our listing this morning. He will.)
  2. No. (Bonus Answer: No)

I’ll see you on Friday. Or perhaps sooner.

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