Revisiting my roots – It’s OK to tell me your client’s name!

It’s a holiday, I’m told. It’s a holiday, that is, if you work in a bank, for the government, or on Wall Street. Not so for Real Estate Girl. So, before I commence Operation Caffeination in my Monday morning attempt to properly arm myself for another work day, I will take a moment to revisit my roots – literally.

I doubt any of our three readers were hanging around these parts back in March, 2007 when I penned a little rant on the tendency of so many agents to exclude their clients’ names from listings. It’s a minor beef, admittedly, but one that continues to frustrate me. What’s the big secret? You want me to call to schedule a showing appointment, so why not give me a little hint as to whom I might be speaking when I do? Do you think that if I know that the seller’s name is Charles, it might just be the ammunition I needed to whisk him out of your fiduciary grasp and make him my own? Or, do you just want me to sound a little stupid when I do call?

Yeah, that’s probably it. From the good old days:

So, as I was waiting for the kitchen timer on my head to go off, I naturally drifted to another thing that really bugs me. Why do so many agents in the MLS list the seller’s name as “KTB” (Known to Broker)? When I am calling to make an appointment to show a home, I consider it a social nicety to actually refer to the person on the other end of the phone by name. “Good morning, Mr. On File” just doesn’t pack the same punch. Someday, it may just be that the seller’s name is “Ima Seller”, but I am programmed to resort to mystery mode when any label looks the least bit fishy. “Uh, hello, Mr. Withheld, uh, sir, this is Kris. I would like to show your home the home the property at 123 Main Street at 2:00… Oh. Could you tell your dad I called?”

You can read the beginning and end here. Oh, and Happy Presidents Day!

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