San Diego Castles Realty Week (Really!)

It was just over four years ago that all of the wonder that is this blog was born. If you have been with us from the beginning, the “wonder” is probably more about wondering how it is we are still around. But give us credit. If we have accomplished anything in this time, it is that we are slightly less sucky today than when I first cooked up the crazy idea of doing a bloggy thing.

I look back at some of our earlier posts and cringe – and that is before I make it past the thumbnail photos.  Thankfully somewhere along the way Betty Crocker and the Disco King have both updated their looks and embraced spell check, even though they still get sloppy and dangle their participles on occasion.


And if you have been with us from the beginning, you’ve laughed and you’ve cried. OK – that was overly dramatic. What you have done, though, is share our stories, both personal and, on occasion, loosely related to real estate. Together we have watched a bubble burst and a rogue brokerage born. When we began, I had a high school freshman at home; at the end of this summer selling season, I will be an empty nester. During that time, we met Drew Carey, saw an auto body shop named in one daughter’s honor, lost our lush lawn to a band of ruthless Scripps Ranch rabbits, reminisced, and even managed to attend approximately 497 Inman Connect real estate conferences in between.

What’s this have to do with real estate? If you have learned anything over the past four years, you know the answer is probably “not much.” But this past weekend got me thinking about life’s big events and how, the older we get, the greater our tendency to barrel through our routines without taking pause to savor the truly memorable moments.

Anniversaries come and go, and we make plans to celebrate later, schedule permitting. Birthdays become birth “months,” because we’ve been there, done that, and the termite guy is waiting. And somewhere in the past few days buried beneath a full dance card of appointments and take-out cartons, I almost let a biggie get away.

In case you missed the big news, it is officially San Diego Castles Realty Week in San Diego Council District Five. Take that! Even Christmas only gets one day. We get a whole week. Alas, I have been too busy to properly bask in the honorary glow, having let most of our glory days silently slip away, but I assure you there is still time to arrange with for a Saturday delivery. (I have also had my eye on a 3G iPad if you want to really stand out.)

Last Sunday marked the annual Scripps Ranch Community Fair, and we were honored to be the Platinum Sponsors for the event. What’s it take to get your own week, besides the obvious sponsorship fee? In our case, an army of dedicated agents, a very big helium tank and 250 balloons, 500 beach balls all requiring inflating, and at least a couple of collapsed lungs.

If you are looking for the official proclamation as proof, you will have to just take my word for it; they misspelled our names. And if you want the pictures – of all the happy, beach ball and balloon wielding young faces or of Steve proudly shaking hands with Councilmember DeMaio — too bad. Our army of dedicated agents has yet to file their photo journals.

But I couldn’t wait. My week is running out.

So, I instead offer you Exhibit Bee, my own single photo snapped when I briefly skipped out from my duties as Balloon Blower Upper and headed out for sustenance at the food court. By the way, I highly recommend the Pad Thai.


My heartfelt thanks go out to all of our agents who came through with the big assist – John Lowe, Lisa Yates, Millie Fitzpatrick, Leslie Flemming, Sunday Gover, Audrey Sanchez, and Peggy Webb. (In addition to being the best booth attendants in the county, they are all awesome real estate professionals. You should call them.)

And to our three readers who have hung in there with us and extended us the latitude to be a bit of a stream-of-consciousness mess here over the years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without your participation, conversation, and support, we might have lost steam a long time ago. We certainly wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun.

Update: I finally got my lazy husband to send me his photos, and thus this epic production.

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