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This could be our version of East Meets West, a healthy fusion of real estate perspectives coming from different regions in San Diego County, it could be a real snoozer, or it could just be a big ol’ food fight. Time will tell.

Some of my best ideas (and many of my worst) have come to me courtesy of others. So it is that tomorrow we will launch our first, and hopefully not our last, installment of San Diego House Talk on Blog Talk Radio.

Blog Talk Radio has long been a staple of the Daniel Rothamel’s offerings. Daniel, of course, is better known in agent blogging circles as the Real Estate Zebra. Our own San Diego House Talk will be a joint venture between me and the locally infamous Jim “the Realtor” Klinge of Klinge Realty and

On Jim’s blog, I commented that this had all of the makings of a wedding reception where the in-laws despise each other. Right or wrong, Jim has a reputation of being a bit more bearish on our real estate market, for telling it like it is, while I will spend the better part of the next year trying to shake the Erma Bombeck label. Jim’s core area is North County Coastal, while ours is Central and North County Inland. Different styles, different micro-markets, different perspectives, east meets west. And, our blog audiences are as different as we are.

I had lunch with Jim a few weeks ago and assure you, however, that neither he nor I showed evidence of horns and forked tails. He is surprising soft-spoken in person and quite contrary to his online demeanor. Maybe he was just buttering me up for the barbeque.

So, join us tomorrow, Friday, at noon PDT if you are able. The format is real time and interactive. You can type in comments and questions or call in. Just click on the button below.

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