Scripps Ranch Community Fair – We Had a Ball (500 of them)


Who says Realtors work Sundays? Yesterday, we played in the park. Steve and I, with the help of our Buyer’s agents Lisa Yates and John Lowe, were the Platinum Sponsors of the annual Scripps Ranch Civic Association Community Fair. Bev Cassidy, community volunteer extraordinaire, puts on quite a show, and yesterday was no exception. It was so much fun, I was tingly! Admittedly, that was mostly the vibration from my cell phone in my back pocket which buzzed my derriere incessantly all afternoon. This particular afternoon, however, I just let it go. Too much loud, live music, too much food, and too much good-time-had-by-all.

Determining early on that bringing in bus benches with our likenesses would be too unwieldy, we still managed to have plenty of give-aways on hand. Last year it was Frisbees; this year it was beach balls and helium balloons.

The beach balls came to us in their native “flattened” state, and we all spent the day risking respiratory failure to inflate the fun. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the girls from the Scripps Ranch High School Rotary-sponsored Interact Club who generously volunteered their time (and their carbon dioxide) to the cause.

Perhaps the highlight of my day was meeting two different couples who said they read our blog. Who knew? That brings our total readership up to five. We were honored, and it served as a reminder that it’s OK to talk about local issues here. While I get obsessed with the antics of the likes of Redfin and NAR, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the subjects. One gentleman thanked us for the short article on the lake opening, saying that he only knew because he read it here. Cool.

The daytime event ran from noon until 5:00 PM. At 5:00, they magically broke down the booths and rides, setting the stage for the kick-off to the season’s popular Concert in the Park series. 500 beach balls and 300 balloons later, we departed exhausted, leaving behind a sea of Prudential blue at the foot of the concert stage.

At the end of the day, we got the requisite Certificate of Appreciation from a representative from Councilmember Maienschein’s office, pictured above with me, Steve, Bev Cassidy and Mr. Scripps Ranch, Colonel Bob Dingeman.  Steve’s the cute one.

We would do this every year, but in the interest of equity, the event organizers will not allow consecutive Platinum Sponsorships, so we will have to bide our time until 2009. Hopefully there will be a public outcry. Write your Councilmember, and tell him we have the best swag.

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