Scripps Ranch Housing Market Trends

Won’t Steve be proud!

Steve spend much of the morning performing searches through our Sandicor Multiple Listing Service to plot out the trend lines for prices and number of sales in Scripps Ranch. As a result, he had a legal pad full of data just begging for an spreadsheet to call home.

Little did he know (because we really don’t talk much) that one of the items on my to-do list today was to test drive the market reports provided by Clarus Market Metrics. It takes a lot to get me excited (OK, it really doesn’t), but I am digging these reports! The data is straight from Sandicor, compiled nightly, and, unlike the Altos charts I fancy, the information includes sales, not just listings. If only I could embed a version of these charts that was self-updating like I can the Altos charts (big-fat hint, Clarus guys), my life would, for the moment at least, be complete.

Here’s Scripps Ranch looking two years back. Resized for the blog, the axis labels are a little tough to decipher, but you get the idea.

I can do them for any zip code or aggregate, and this is only a small sample of the data I can instantly plot for a one or two-year period. There is no stopping me now!

Now, because of the resolution of these when they get “all shrunk up,” I think I will be using Docstoc to host the full versions for our web site. If only they were self-updating, but then I might have already mentioned that. 🙂

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