Seattle, We Have a Problem

This is the sequel to my GodZillow post of yesterday. Another 30 minutes of my life is down the tubes as I was again unsuccessful in getting a listing loaded onto Zillow. It seems to keep freezing during the photo upload stage. I’m cooked and will now save this challenge (it shouldn’t be this hard!) for another day.

So as I retreated from the upload task at hand, I decided to check the zip code of the home on behalf of which I had been battling to see if anyone in my area had enjoyed success. Unfortunately, all I got was a bunch of “sold” homes, and one immediately jumped out at me.

11331 Belladonna Way, San Diego, California 92131
Zestimate: $1,614,990
SOLD 09/15/2006: $1,623,000

Watch out, Zillow. Somebody is going to come looking for their money. You see, this home did indeed sell on September 15, 2006. Sale price: $811,500. Oops!

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