Set Your Tivo (To "Self-Destruct")

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a 60 Minutes expose slamming your industry. Of course, I haven’t had the pleasure of being invited to the sneak screening, but a betting man would find attactive odds on the side of a story heavily favoring the non-traditional, do-very-little-for-less brokerages. It’s just a more sexy angle.

My favorite business model, Redfin, will be profiled, and I know first-hand that CEO Glenn Kelman can serve up a tasty feast of rhetoric. Therefore, as any self-respecting agent should be, I am a little concerned about the P.R. consequences (short-term, anyway). Obviously, this kind of media attention is what Redfin desires most; their very survival in fact depends on it.

It should be a hoot to see how much mud is slung in the traditional real estate industry’s direction Sunday night. Happy Mother’s Day!

I suspect we will be revisiting this here on Monday (if not sooner).

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