Shoot Me Now

Kristn.jpgA great phone conversation it was that I had this morning. A client contacted me last night to inform me that an agent called about her home listed for sale and wanted to know how big the walk-in closet was. “Big” not being a satisfactory answer, he asked her to go and measure it! I assured her that this wasn’t necessary and that I would take care of it.

In speaking with the agent this morning (who I am now assuming has some really well-dressed buyers in tow), I reiterated that we would not be measuring the closet for him and that, no, I could not “estimate” the dimensions with any degree of confidence. In a moment of customary cat-like mental quickness, I suggested that he (brace yourself for point-of-story) go to our website. At our website, I told him, we have hundreds of floor plans posted, this one being among them. Absent an actual visit to the property, I proposed that the floor plan on our website might give him a sense of the closet size relative to the room, allowing him to judge its adequacy. His response: “How’s that going, by the way”?  My response: “You mean (pregnant pause while I grasp for a moment of clairvoyance), the website”?  “Yeah”, he said, and what follows is an almost direct quote as I am now taking notes. “I have been thinking of getting one of those. Just not sure how important all this technology stuff really is in real estate”.

Just shoot me now.

(By the way, it’s going just fine, thank you).

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