Sketchy Blogging


Well, isn’t this just great! Thanks to Kevin Boer at 3Oceans and Drew “Zillow” Meyers for sharing this latest must-have technology – Sketchcast. Kevin calls it Etch-A-Sketch, and used his maiden Sketch-a-Blog voyage to discuss Bay Area real estate trends.

Like the hundred other great-idea-thingies that I have been meaning to toy with, this new one could have some really terrific applications. I just don’t know what they are yet. What I do know is that, in order to fully investigate the potential power of Sketchcast, I will now have to buy yet another electronic component – a sketch pad – which will come with yet another user’s manual and a vast assortment of cords which will, within moments of arrival at my home, be virtually indistinguishable from the 142 other cords and plugs and connectors in my “make it go” drawer.

We’re having a busy week, so Best Buy will have to wait. Despite this, I bravely forged ahead armed only with a mouse and absolutely nothing of substance to say. Next on the agenda is to find a way to employ the Sketchcast technology in a meaningful way.

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