Social Media – A New Universal Language

Yesterday, I received a text message from Daughter #1. Not possessing the energy at the time to brave a long, involved text reply (my precision-challenged Blackberry Storm touchscreen tends to result in messages that look like I am practicing my Czechoslovakian), I called her… on the phone.. a thing that sends my voice to another place. It’s a magical thing, the phone. To my children, the phone is just a modern version of the telex machine. I am pretty sure that they have forgotten that their own phones came with voice capability.

So when I called my daughter, I went to voicemail. In her defense, she did call me back. (Teenagers, I have learned, are willing to make concessions and stoop to our level when the topic involves money).  

“You got my message?” I asked. “No way,” said my boomer baby. “I don’t have time to listen to voice mail.”

Not enough time? I wasn’t born yesterday (understatement alert); time has nothing to do with it. It’s just the way her generation rolls now. And this phenomenon is not only confined to the Age Group Most Likely to Get Carded — not by a long shot.

So, when I saw this video today, I had to share. It’s not about real estate — well, not exactly. What it is about is how we communicate today. Agents who don’t get this pretty quickly are going to be in a world of hurt. 

Irony of all ironies: I found this through Twitter. Thanks, @pkitano!

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