Some Homes Just Scream Shoot Me (At Night)


 Marketing a listing is no longer an undertaking for the less-inspired (or less-capitalized). It takes time and money, but it mostly takes a tool box runeth over for giving each home the full-exposure it deserves.

We have never believed in a marketing “class system”. What is good for the goose is typically good for the gosling as well, yet sometimes a home will have features or a location which just call for something different.

Here is a photo of our newest listing which was taken Friday.


It is lovely, of course, but this particularly home’s uniqueness required a little extra pizzazz. Enter Twilight Photography:


This custom Del Cerro Heights home lights up like a candle with the nighttime shooting, but it is the view that really cried for an evening shoot. San Diegans know about our summer marine layer which is admittedly not the end of the world, unless you are trying to promote a view home.



Know any takers? The webpage isn’t ready to go until tomorrow, but if you are in the $1 million plus range, you might want to take a look at the virtual tour.

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