Something New – An Open Door Policy


Very rarely does a truly original thought enter my brain. My best “ideas”, in fact, are borrowed. I use the word “borrowed” rather than “stolen” because it is a much safer approach. Call it my version of catch and release. If an idea flops, I can cut bait and return it to the rightful owner with a “your idea is the Suxxor” note pinned to its proverbial gill.


So in this spirit of sharing, we are going to try incorporating into the San Diego Home Blog what Greg Swann at the Bloodhound described as his Insanely Great Idea. Actually, he has a new Insanely Great Idea every five minutes, but this one in particular caught my attention. The concept is simple: Turn the blog into a community.

We love the fact that we have many readers who comment on our posts and that we have many, many more who watch our goings-on from an anonymous safe haven. But absent well honed psychic powers, I am certain we do not always speak to the topics that are most relevant to our local readers. The result is that the dialogue can be far too one-sided. By allowing our readers the ability to initiate discussion, we just might find ourselves having more actual conversations and fewer of our own ideas presented in lecture format.


A few weeks ago, I quietly slipped a “Registration” option into the sidebar (at the bottom, under the Administration heading). A few hearty souls have ventured there and indeed registered, but I suspect that having taken this first step, they weren’t quite sure for what they had actually registered.

Here is what registration gets you. You will be emailed a password, at which point you will be anointed Contributor status our blog. You may subsequently submit your own articles for posting. Of course, we want the posts to be somewhat on topic (local or national real estate, community general interest), and we want your articles to be constructive. To ensure this, all posts submitted by contributors will be moderated and will require approval.


In other words, posts titled “This Blog Bites Big Time” will likely be deleted. You’ve been forewarned. And, for illustration purposes, I offer the following examples of appropriate versus inappropriate writing styles. These, by the way, are all real comments made here in the past.

Appropriate remarks:

  • Again, great post – funny and right on target. You’re the best.
  • Steve: Awesome, you are a wise man. It’s obvious why you have a successful business.
  • You have had a fantastic year in RE blogging. I enjoy reading you both here and Kris on Bloodhound. You’ve set the bar very high, not only for Scripps Ranch, but nationally.

Alrighty. You don’t have to be that gratuitous. Just write with clarity, and you are in.

Inappropriate remarks:

  • … since it doesn’t take much to be a Realtor, your pool is full of monkeys.
  • Look like weasels? Nah…you (Real Estate Clerks) act like weasels.
  • … yawn! Why did I read this high school journal entry?

This is not to say that you can’t be a bit contrarian; we just ask that you do it with a little more panache.

So, write about national trends, local issues, or your upcoming block party. We don’t care, as long as it is informative, entertaining, and important to you. I will be updating the sidebar shortly to make our new open forum policy a little more apparent. In the meantime, if you have something interesting to say and can write with flair, we hope you join us. Our door’s ajar.

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