Steven Spielberg keeps his job… but only I bring you Scripps Ranch Terraza.


As amateurish as our debut foray into the exciting world of video is, I have seen worse. That’s only part of the good news. I am also proud to say that we can only improve from this point forward. And, having been through it once, we have a better idea of how to improve, plus we have put a large chunk of the learning curve behind us.

I’ll share a couple of observations and one plea.


  • No matter how I tried, walking through a home while shooting video is all but impossible for one of limited talents and equipment. (That would be me.) The resulting shakiness made me seasick. Therefore, I concluded that the best solution would be to use a combination of stills and video to get the message across.
  • Five minutes is too long, but I really had a hard time editing out my beloved Scripps Ranch footage, so I didn’t.
  • I have absolutely NO future in film WHATSOEVER, and by this I mean neither from behind nor in front of the camera.
  • I had a tendency to be too far away, which is good from an ego standpoint but bad from the perspective of viewing experience.
  • The audio sucks, which brings me to the…


Can anyone recommend a good microphone and where I might purchase said microphone? A sound studio is definitely not in my future, and while having the home videos professionally produced would address this issue, we are going to have to crank out a half-dozen of these a month, which makes that route both time and cost prohibitive.

Now, on with the show.

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