Sunday Funnies


I have decided to make Sundays a real estate-free zone here. Steve is out of town, so I can do pretty much whatever I want. (He would tell you that I do pretty much whatever I want regardless). On that note… 

We blog ourselves silly on issues that we think are important to our readers and on topics that amuse us. Sometimes, though, I wonder, are we are really connecting with our audience?

This morning, the answer is a resounding Yes! During this lazy Sunday morning filled with self-doubt, my spirits have been lifted. Read what our readers have to say and you will understand why my sense of worth has been buoyed, my ego inflated, and my optimism for the future of our blog restored:

  •  Cool website! Keep up the great work. Many thanks. Thanks! [email protected] (You are so welcome!)
  • Good job and great design! I love this site! [email protected] (Well, not to sound immodest, I started with a template but did sort of redesign it myself.)

There’s more! One devoted reader has left me many comments, each more complimentary than the next:

  • Looks good! Good resources here. Good stuff. I will be back! [email protected]
  • I found lots of intresting (sic) things here. It (sic) very impressive. I will bookmark! [email protected] (He did come back, and now I’m bookmarked!)


And this was just a trip through my spam folder. I am hopeful that I can assist “uyiofik”, who goes by the screen name “Viagra”, with his next real estate transaction. In the meantime, I am heading off to review my eBay buyer and seller feedback. I hear they are saying a lot of really nice things about me over there too. I rock!

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