Taking risks

This isn’t, in the strictest sense, about real estate (a theme we see repeated here too often). The video link was, however, sent to me by a my cousin, Lindsay Guttman, who happens to be a real estate agent with Prudential in Brentwood, so there is an ever-so-slight connection. In any event, if this doesn’t make you want to have a little fun, there may be no hope.

It got me thinking. There are few rituals as prescribed and predictable as a wedding. It takes a certain fearlessness to break tradition and dare to be unique. I couldn’t pick the centerpieces from the last wedding I attended out of a line up, but I guarantee I would remember this one. Is there something here that could be applied to the way we approach our businesses, not to mention our lives in general? While I’m not ready to dance at my next open house, I do like to think that we try to draw outside of the lines more often than not. And when we stop taking risks, we risk fading back into gray along with everyone else.

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