Jessica Empeno

The talk of purchasing my parent’s home began years ago as a big conversation of “what if?” It as a big leap for us to begin to put those words into action. contacting you was the first step.

We knew well before that time came that we wanted to work with San Diego Castles. In a neighborhood flooded by realtors, you stood out. Your website not only advertised your services, but your professionalism and knowledge.

You jumped right in to an unusual and at times, awkward situation and handled it with ease. You knew exactly what to do to produce results and not only did we receive an offer our first day on the market, but when that fell through, we had another four offers as soon as we relisted! You were always professional, supportive and truly our advocate. No matter how busy you were, you always had time for our myriad of questions and made us feel that we were the only clients you had. That is the true sign of providing high level customer service.

We can not begin to thank you. While this may be what you do every day, this was a major life change for us. We will always remember the part you played in making our dream of owning this home come true for our family.

See you around the neighborhood!

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