Jon Dunckel

I work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and working for such a huge company, obviously we have a reputation to uphold. I get a lot of people that come through my doors looking for preapprovals and wanting sound advice when it comes to buying a home. I have to honestly say that the only person I trust to take care of my clients is Sasha Harvey. I have known her for over a year now and every client that I give to her as a referral, she has counseled, guided, mentored and has shone through like a beacon of light into their home buying experience. I have only received great reviews from every one of my clients on Sasha and they have each given their seal of approval that Sasha Harvey is and always will be the realtor for them. I am proud to say that Sasha Harvey is my #1 go-to realtor for ALL of my clients. As for what she provides, I feel that she gives every one of her clients the following:
– What you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear
– She fights for you to the end, getting you every penny you deserve in your contract
– She is honest with you and tells you what is a bad deal and what is a great deal
– She knows her business….which is why she has been doing this for 8+ years and is still doing it….many have come and gone and Sash is still here…that says A LOT!!!
– Sasha is agressive in her contracts and knows how to write the best dog-gone contracts EVER!!! She is a no BS realtor and knows what will get her buyers into a deal. This is where GREAT realtors SHINE and where bad realtors change jobs.

In recap, I honestly, truly feel that Sasha is one of the nicest, personable, straight forward, realtor’s that I know. I am honored to call her a friend, colleague, confidant, and I know that anybody that puts their faith into this woman for their home-buying experience, will honestly get the best treatment that is offered by anybody!


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