Michelle K Colman, MSPT, DPT

Whether you are a first time buyer like me, upgrading,
down-sizing or just new to the San
Diego area, Sunday Gover is a real estate agent you
can put your full trust in to find you a great new home. I started the home-buying process in November,
as just casual conversation with Sunday while she was a patient of mine. By February, we traded roles and I became her
client and my search began.

I do not know much about other real estate agents, but here
is what I can tell you about Sunday: she
answered every question in a way that I understood, she was prompt on returning
those answers, and she called or emailed when she said she would even if it was late on a school night. Not only did I learn about the various
neighborhoods in San Diego, the mortgage application process, and the escrow
process, I learned it in a way that
helped me feel comfortable with the decisions I was making.

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