The Big Easy and a week of reruns

Mother of the Year

Photo credit: Kris Berg (aka Mother of the Year) from her cell phone.

This is the week Drew Carey is sending my daughter and me to the Big Easy. As we were chilling in the San Diego Airport Terminal 1 yesterday, I was reminded that Terminal 1 is not nearly as new or nice as Terminal 2. It is, however, the only terminal which serves breakfast burritos. And after enjoying one of these, I can tell you that the burrito distinction is in fact another vote in favor of Terminal 2. I was also reminded of a another thing. You get what you pay for.

The “Free” Public WiFi is indeed properly priced. Three airports later, I had yet to cash in on the bargain that is cost-free Internet connectivity. Other happy travelers were by all appearances doing important on-line things, while I was left frantically and repeatedly pushing the refresh key to be greeted by a not so happy 404 Error message. Even my broadband wireless has mostly failed me so far.

While I have every intention of posting from afar (I always do), the reality is that I will probably be mostly absent this week and by Friday in need of emergency Gumbo detox. In the meantime, we will be enjoying a few reruns here. My hope is that two year’s worth of posts have left me with at least a couple of timeless articles worthy of revisiting. Or not.

For now, I am enjoying the deep south. My keyboard is literally sweating at 7:00 am, and I look like I am wearing a Brillo Pad on my head.  Maybe there is something to that dry heat after all.

I will leave you with this view from our hotel room. Eat your heart out, and thanks, Drew Carey!
View from our hotel

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