The Blame Game


From the Associated Press as reported in the San Diego Union Tribune this morning:

LOS ANGELES  – Two California couples are suing KB Home and mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp., claiming the companies schemed with real estate appraisers to inflate prices paid for homes as the housing market began to tank… People like (these) lost up to 15 percent before they ever opened their front doors.

Honey, honey mo money.

SAN DIEGO (February 8, 2008) – Kris Berg is suing Nordstrom, claiming that the gray sweater dress she purchased in November for $68 has since been moved to the sale rack and is now offered for only $39. Berg contends that Nordstrom knew at the time of sale that this merchandise would be offered at a discount when seasonal weather patterns shifted. By the time Berg tore the price tag from the sleeve and donned the trendy item for the first time, the value, both in terms of money and fashion relevance, had diminished significantly.

But if the first two letters are ever the same, I drop them both and say the name. Like “Buck, buck drop the B’s bo uck.”

SAN DIEGO (February 8, 2006) – In a class action, the 25,294 people who sold San Diego homes in 2005, the peak of the most recent real estate boom, are suing everyone in sight, claiming that they simply made too much money.  Many, in fact, purchased their homes in 2000 with little or no down payment, and subsequently realized returns on their investments approaching infinity. Said one victim of the price run-ups, who sold his home and paid cash for a 50 acre ranch in Idaho, “It’s just not right. Who could let a thing like this happen to ordinary, hard-working people? I’m just glad I didn’t see it coming. I might have bought multiple properties.”

And that’s the only rule that is contrary.

Sunny, sunny fo funny.

And then I say the name again with an M this time, and there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme.

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