The Glamour of Real Estate


Our oldest daughter, a high school junior, is in the throes of evaluating career options. Real Estate Agent is not at the top of her list, go figure. Gosh, Becky, consider the glamour of my profession! It is Sunday morning, and here is a summary of how my work day is shaping up:

  1. Check email and delete two undeliverable messages to person who signed up for automatic property updates. (Apparently “Ben Dover” is not a real person, nor is his email address legitimate). 
  2. Get dressed in big-girl, work clothes (involving heels capable of aerating any lawn).
  3. Present offer to seller and, presumably, prepare and present counter offer.
  4. Visit client’s vacant home for sale to sweep rat doodies from patio and spot clean carpet (while wearing big-girl, work clothes).
  5. Erect approximately ten Open House signs in various locations involving soil bearing a striking resemblance to the Mars landscape.
  6. Hold open house (at which I have arrived attractively beaded in sweat after successfully executing #4 above).
  7. Schedule destructive testing at home for sale to assure would-be-buyer that cracked tile is a poor install and not the result of a slab issue (file under “Save Sale”).
  8. Install Firefox and write long-overdue Zillow lawZuit blog, as I have been scooped again by our Johnny-On-The-Spot local newspaper who finally ran the article a week after it happened.
  9. Start business plan for 2007 (another long-overdue item), with “Buy New Heels to Replace Shoes Destroyed in Erecting Open House Signs” among the short-term goals.
  10. Restock flyers at empty flyer box of “agressively priced” home for sale.
  11. Update market statistics so that I have something of value to blog about tomorrow.
  12. At 6:00 pm, tell children that dinner is overrated, and Mommy still has work to do. Remind them to wear their ID badges in the future so I may refer to them by name. (Pour glass of wine).


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