The Homebuyer Pool Revisited – The more things change…

This morning I was searching the archives because I was overcome with a sudden need to make a Venn Diagram (don’t ask), and I couldn’t remember the name of the nifty little site that allows one to do so with relative ease. (It’s, by the way, but that isn’t the point.)

In yet another example of serendipity at work, I rediscovered this epic from the days of yore. I am reposting it today because: (a) I am too lazy to pen an original work, and (2) This is eerily as true today as it was back in 2008.

Hat tip to Lani at Agent Genius for introducing me to my Toy Du Jour, Dabbleboard. As with all new playthings, there is probably some really productive application in here somewhere. Time will tell if this goes the way of my other one-hit wonders.

Without further ado, I bring you my Venn Diagram illustrating why homes are taking a wee bit longer to sell. It’s a little complicated, as evidenced by the 5 minutes it took me to design it, so do hang in there.

Dislcaimer: Your results may vary. Margin of error = 100%. Patent pending. Use only as directed.

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