The Honor is All Mine!


Everyone is talking about it. Inman News released their 2007 list of the 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers. I wasn’t on it, of course. That is because they are big-fat cheaters. Last time I checked, it is only October, and I do my best blogging work in the fourth quarter. I haven’t even BEGUN to INFLUENCE. You are going to be SO sorry!

Lani took 26th place, and for this I congratulate her. She is so deserving, unless you count the fourth quarter, which Inman News DOES NOT!

So for all of those who were snubbed, we can take comfort in the fact that we personally know many of the fakey-award winners. I shared a beer with Ardelle, I rode to the airport in San Francisco with Kevin Boer, Marlow Harris and Drew Meyers (not technically a winner, but he works for David Gibbons), and I sat next to Noah Rosenblatt at dinner (he made me ask for a separate check). I have exchanged niceties with Joel, Pat, Dustin, Jim, Joe and Todd, and every single one knew my name! Okay, I was wearing a name badge, but the point is they didn’t entirely dismiss me as a blogging suxor. One of the Inman-honored even yelled at me IN PERSON! How’s that for influential? And, don’t even get me started on how tight Glenn and I are. We go way back. Then there’s Greg. True, we have never met, never really spoken, but he has let my thumbnail photo ride on his Inman-honored side bar for, what many would argue, no logical reason whatsoever. I think he was holding out for my inspired FOURTH QUARTER.

So – Here is the award for ME, and for all of my fellow bloggers who were cheated out of the recognition they deserve.


I think this one will look nice on my side bar.


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