The Paperless Transaction – Playing Catch-up


I am trying to get caught up with the blogging side of my life after a week-long flurry of real estate activity. For inquiring minds, let me just say that this is always our busiest time of year, and I am speaking from a business perspective. A post will follow on this topic. In the meantime, I am remiss in linking to the online conversation I had with Greg Swann from Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix, Arizona and Daniel Rothamel (more affectionately known as the Real Estate Zebra) from Charlottesville, Virginia. The topic du jour was the paperless transactions but, as expected, we digressed.

 Yes, I look like a pin-head. I am in dire need of a good handler or stylist or something, but give me credit for being brave in the face of bad-lighting adversity.  

 Here’s the link for those that have too much free time on their hands.

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