The Power of the Blog


Okay! My mind is officially boggled now. On the same day Kris is recognized by the prestigious online Inman News Service, the Inman Blog posts an article on the newest of the real estate business models – Pet Realty. As if there wasn’t enough competition out there already, we now have to contend with the agents who are in tune with and sensitive to the “pet-friendly” home. Oy!


This pet needs a home!

By way of a little background, it can be argued that Kris is the one who brought Pet Realty to the national stage by mentioning it to Matt from the Inman News during her interview for their article discussing our San Diego Home Blog as well as other prominent local and national real estate blogs. The genesis is this: Kris is at the office the other day and checks our mail slot. Among the items, she finds a mass mailer card from Pet Realty advising her that there is now a company devoted to assisting buyers in finding, yes, you guessed it, pet friendly homes. Most, if not all of the other agents in our office apparently throw this away along with most of the other junk we find daily in our mail slots (free termite inspections, no interest loans, “how to build your business” seminars, lose 20 pounds in one week, etc.). But Kris, being Kris, brings the Pet Realty card home and decides that this will make a good blog subject.  

In her usual sarcastic style, she pretty much does a number on the Pet Realty Model. It was a clever and funny post, not intended to be serious. But THEN…Rhona from Pet Realty apparently took Kris’ post seriously and personally (and literally) and posts a scathing comment in rebuttal, seriously defending their new model. Kris, somewhat shellshocked from the verbal lashing tries to make nice-nice, but Rhona creams her again in another comment. Enter Steve (that would be me). I comment that there are suspicious cars and vans driving by our home (this is true) and I’m wondering if the RSPCA or PETA is closing in. THEN, Matt from Inman News comes along and, during the course of his interview of Kris, is made aware of the “humorous” exchange we have been having with Rhona from Pet Realty. He puts an anecdotal summary in the sidebar of his article and next thing we know, POOF, Pet Realty gets a feature nod in the Inman Blog, a national stage. What’s the saying? Sometimes life is just not fair…

Okay Rhona, you have now had your 15 minutes. You owe us big time. Call off the unmarked cars (please) and send me a free box of doggy treats (for Simon) and kitty treats (for Fluffy) and we’ll call it even.  

From Kris’ mail slot at work to the Inman News in 48 hours. That’s the power of a blog.

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