The San Diego Home Blog gets a facelift.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bcgrote

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I labored all right. Thanks to Jay Thompson, the Phoenix Real Estate Guy, and his latest great idea, I changed the theme of our site. It was long overdue.

First, a little about Jay. He is the quintessential geeky boy. He writes code in his sleep, and it is widely known in blogging circles that I am a Phoenix Real Estate Guy groupie. I have shamelessly stolen every good idea he ever had (at least, the ones I could understand), and where technology is concerned, I want to grow up to be just like him. So for Jay, my feat is not going to be much of a big deal. For me, this undertaking was about as easy swimming the free style while wearing a concrete jumpsuit, but I did it! I am aware of a couple of tweaks I need to still make, but it’s mostly working fine, and I think my downtime when the final transfer was made totaled only about 15 minutes during the second quarter of the Illinois/Mizzou game. Mizzou won.

Next up is the web site, but that one is going to stay on the back burner — at least until Jay posts another great idea.

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