The San Diego Home Show – An Infographic

H/t to Agent Genius for introducing me to Piktochart, a cool little site for creating infographics on the fly without breaking a sweat. Well, it's not really that easy. First you have to have something you want to communicate.

On another morning when I did't have a home inspection looming, I am pretty certain I could get my creative juices flowing and unleash all the glory that is the infographic (All the cool kids are doing it!) to share some complex real estate-related concept. Like why you need a downpayment to buy a house. Or how when banks use the word "streamlined" when refering to their short sale processes, they mean "before you die of natural causes — maybe."

In the meantime, the San Diego Home Show is on my mind.

My spousal unit and I got all bold yesterday. We decided to take a rare trip to normalcy and spend our Sunday recreating. Because our twelve-year-old kitchen cabinets are of the "classic" oak variety (classic being a word that builders and real estate agents use to describe something that no one wants), and because we suspect, given the quality, that they were manufactured by the Middle School Woodshop class (no offense to Middle Schoolers intended), we decided to hit the Fairgrounds and get some remodeling ideas. Steve's alternative was to hike up Iron Mountain, so the Home Show was starting to sound like a rip-roaring way to spend my one day off this year.

And it was! Such a carnival atmosphere! We got some great ideas about remodeling (like, maybe it would be cheaper to just move). And we were also reminded why buyers have perfected the eye-contact-avoidance technique for visiting open houses — and why we burned the proverbial guest register years ago. Hard sell approaches are annoying, insulting and just plain ineffective.

So, without further ado, I give you my masterpiece.


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