"They're weird, I tell you!"


Last night was Pizza Night at Chez Berg. That may be the last pizza we ever get.

My life is rich and full. As a real estate agent that eats and breathes the stuff, I am constantly multi-tasking and generally trying to accomplish too much during any given day. Yesterday was no different. Between adding pages to our website, taking the marketing for two new listings “live”, managing escrows, updating market statistics (more on that tomorrow, I promise!) and the like, I had this great idea for a marketing piece which required a photo of trash-solicitations at a front door. I will let you speculate just why I needed this photo.

So, off we go. No stock photos for me! No, siree. I am a staging professional! I summarily gathered up all of the “marketing” pieces we routinely retrieve from our bushes (which, of course, I have saved in a file marked “marketing pieces we have retrieved from our bushes”) and arranged them at my front door. Such an eye for detail I have that I even placed a snail, who, technically speaking, had passed on, atop one of the flyers.

I snapped the photo with Steve’s help, and we giggled all the way to the USB cable to view our handiwork. Multi-tasking has its pitfalls; namely, I immediately forgot about the trash at my door. Now, one of the “advantages” of this business is that we can accomplish a lot of our work from our home office. Yesterday was a relegated-to-my-cave work day. Had it not been for my foray into the world of photojournalism, I wouldn’t have been able to state with certainty that we enjoyed some hours of daylight.

Enter Pizza Man. When we opened the door to receive our delivery, we were greeted by a very puzzled looking (scared?) man staring at our Pile ‘O Trash in amazement. Steve gets flustered and, making excuses, hastily starts gathering up the mess. “Watch out for the snail!”, I scream. Crack, squish. Too late. The damage is done. Next time, we will just pick up dinner.

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