Time to Give Back

Once in a while we need to step back from real estate and perceive the larger world around us. In San Diego County, there are tens of thousands of people living below the poverty level. Many thousands are lacking food every day. In the past, Kris and I have spent time helping to serve food to some of these less fortunate people. It was heartbreaking to see people of all ages, including families with small children, needing assistance. We don’t do enough.

So when Kris suggested that we tap into one of our greatest resources, our Scripps Ranch community, to help, my first thought was, how? Hence, the 1st Annual Scripps Ranch Food Drive was born. We have teamed up with a great organization, Second Harvest San Diego Food Bank which is headed up by Gary McDonald, one of our own Scripps Ranch neighbors. Last Saturday, we arranged for the delivery of 4,000 food drive bags to homes in Scripps Ranch Villages. We know that there are more than 11,000 homes and condos here, but this is a start. 


(Kris showing off the hottest fashion accessory of the season for Scripps Ranch residents, made from recycled paper, of course.)

Instructions on the bags simply ask that you fill them up with non-perishable canned foods and place the bags curbside by 9:00 AM next Saturday, April 19th. Along with our own team (including Daughter Emily and friends), we have enlisted volunteers from Scripps Ranch High School to help us with the collection effort. Hopefully, we will be retrieving many, many bags filled to the brim. Second Harvest San Diego Food Bank will be picking up the donations from our Prudential California Realty Scripps Ranch office later in the day and transporting them to their warehouse for distribution.

This effort will certainly not save the world. It’s just one little thing we can do as a community to help be part of the solution.

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