Top Ten Signs You Picked the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Kristn.jpgHere is my latest public service announcement, this one on the top ten signs that you picked the wrong agent. I’m sure I have overlooked something, so feel free to chime in.

10. When you say you would like to buy the home, your agent instinctively responds, “Would you like fries with that?”.
  9. Your agent’s car has a bumper sticker declaring “Intellectuals is stupid”.
  8. His favorite shirt sports the message “My parents went to Vegas and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”.
  7. Halfway through the day’s showings, your agent asks if he can “bum” five bucks for gas.
  6. He can’t show you property on Monday because he will be in a deposition.
  5. He refers to himself as a Re-lator.
  4. His business card promotes Real Estate, Mechanical Engineering & Dental Prosthetics. (True story – This particular card is pinned to my office wall).
  3. While signing the offer, you notice that his bookshelf includes a copy of “Real Estate for Dummies”.
  2. Has framed and displayed in his office the first dollar he ever made in real estate, which unfortunately consists of four 1917 Standing Liberty’s.
  1. He invites you to email him any time at [email protected].


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