Power Outlet
Creative Commons License photo credit: edkohler

While my youngest daughter spends the day watching the Netherlands in the World Cup finals from, well, the Netherlands, I will be sequestered in coach class. Assuming I commense “Operation Pack Everything I Own that Made it Back from the Dry Cleaners” in the next hour or so, I will be heading to the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco.

Steve tends to think that these trips are all play and no work but, once again, he’s wrong. Sure, there are the networking opportunities, and the people you meet at a tech conference sure know how to party! (“A horse walked into a bar, and he showed me his widget, and I said, ‘You call that open source?’ Ha, ha, ha.”) But, I do have some official duties.

For some reason known only to the event organizers (everyone else was busy), I will be moderating the Digital Marketing Bootcamp on Tuesday. And then, providing I can clear the cache in my brain to make room, I will spend three days amassing new ideas on the latest innovation in the industry. If history repeats, I will return home with a head of steam and forty-seven trillion great ideas that I need to implement yesterday. One of them will actually make it out of Beta.

In the meantime, with Daughter #1 “working” at the CBS London Bureau for summer (between seeing Wimbledon, the Tour de France, Royal Ascot and a thousand other things I will never see), and Daughter #2 living with a nice Dutch host family for two weeks, Steve will be holding down the fort with a cat that hates him and a dog that, well, isn’t capable of thinking that hard. If you need your home listed or if you want to see properties this week, just follow the pizza delivery man. I guarantee Steve will be at the other end.

And to Steve: Thanks to the power of the Internet, I will know if you are posting snarky “Kris is wrong” dissertations on the blog again in my absence. Watch it, buster.

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