Walmart Envy

Kristn.jpgJohn Lockwood’s blog post this morning challenged my recent statements regarding my crazy preferences for “doing (my) own blogging,… serving clients directly, and similar ideas” (his words, not mine). What a coincidence, John. I, too, was planning on getting back to “market update” mode today, but I know a shot across the bow when I see it. As is so often the case in my world, I just can’t keep quiet on this one.

John, let me begin by saying that it is and will continue to be an honor being your Visible Friend, and I have no immediate plans to remove you from my RSS feed. Having said that, please understand that while I do not agree with your business model, I do not mean to suggest it is bad, just bad for me. When a buyer or seller walks into the John Lockwood Real Estate Emporium expecting a short wait for the “next available agent”, no harm/no foul. They came with the intent to buy what you are selling. However, if I come in looking for beef jerky and leave with Cheese Doodles (no offense to Cheese Doodles), I will still have that craving. So, I suppose there is a “market” for both products, but unfortunately the storefront is not always clearly marked. And that is where I primarily take issue.

As for your chosen role as interloper, John, I completely respect that you have found a model that is both lucrative and rewarding for you. The thing that keeps haunting me, I suppose, is that your model seems to ignore that this is a business of relationships. Sure, we all strive for and appreciate making the mortgage payment, but to subordinate the personal nature of our industry to our desire to make a boat-load of money can not possibly be in the best interests of the people we represent.

By the way, this Sunday while you are feeding your Walmart babies and endorsing your 25% referral checks, I am going to be attending a going-away party for a friend who is moving to Indiana (and who is, not coincidentally, a past-client). She is one of the most decent and intelligent people I have ever met, she makes me laugh, and I will miss her. So, since you seem to be a Stephen Colbert fan, that is THE WORD

Still friends? 🙂

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