Weekend Outlook – AFC Championship Edition


One of the most challenging aspects of working as a real estate agent is managing expectations, particularly in a challenging environment. Once success is achieved everyone is happy, right? And if things don’t go quite as planned the client is better prepared to deal with it. In the course of a transaction it is fairly common for emotions to blur the reality of empirical data and the interpretation of trends. That is why we find it a helpful and necessary tool to  occasionally reinforce market realities.  This is commonly done in the simple form of a follow-up memo to the client, usually by e-mail. 

So why is it that just about every time I check out ESPN or read an article on MSNBC Sports some Charger player is trash talking their weekend foe, the New England Patriots? All this does is raise (false) expectations. Don’t they know they are huge underdogs? This may be the most lopsided AFC Championship match-up in history. Everyone (outside of San Diego, at least) already knows the outcome of the game. The only remaining mystery is whether it will be by four or five touchdowns.

Even Mahmood Ahmadinejahd, Iran’s irascible President, admittedly the  biggest underdog in the world, is picking the Pat’s to win this one. It may be the only thing he and “W” ever agree on. Who knows, maybe this will become the cornerstone for future diplomatic relations.

So I repeat the question. Why are the Chargers trash talking so much? In Indy, Philip Rivers, the Chargers young quarterback, was trash talking the fans! I can’t remember ever seeing any quarterback do this, much less a guy who has only started for two years  This morning I watched a report on ESPN featuring Igor Olshansky, the Chargers huge defensive lineman trash talking the Patriots. Geez! That’s all we need to do is irritate these guys further. One would think in their position, the Chargers might want to be a bit more subtle and play the old ,”Woe is me” card. Maybe try to lull the powerhouse Pat’s into feeling a little overconfident or something. Nah!   

Or maybe the Chargers just never got the memo.

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