What areas of the San Diego do our agents serve? A picture is worth (almost) a thousand homes.

We have gotten this rep over the years as Scripps Ranch agents, and rightly so. We live here, as do all of our agents (save one Rancho Penasquitos holdout), and our office (or as we call it, our “docking station”) is in Scripps. Consequently, we represent a boatload of buyers and sellers in the ‘hood. So, it is fairly common that people interested in buying or selling homes in other communities will ask, “Do you work in other areas of the county?”

It’s a question I got again this week which inspired me to revisited my finely-honed map-making skills and create this little Exhibit A. I used ZeeMaps, a site that makes it relatively painless to import data and create an interactive visual. We know that people hire agents, not brokerages, because it is the agents who have their feet on the ground, the been-there-done-that transaction experiences, and those noggins full of information. In short, it’s not the name on the cereal box, it’s what’s inside.

What’s inside San Diego Castles Realty? Here is a snap-shot of the collective experience our agents bring. Each little dot represents a home for which we represented the buyer or seller in a closed transaction.

So, do we work in other areas besides Scripps Ranch? Uh, yes we do.

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