What's a nice place like that doing with a girl like me? Inman News launches new site.


Monday morning to-do list:

  1. Buy milk.
  2. Attend Send Steve to property inspection.
  3. Finish taxes. (Yeah, right.)
  4. Call seller clients with market updates.
  5. Find the cat.
  6. Write for Inman News Blog.
  7. Reorder property brochures.

Wait a minute… Write for Inman News Blog?

Inman News, a long-time industry staple for those of us needing our daily real estate news fix, is reintroduced this morning. The site has been “prettified” for sure, and the news and consumer advice columns which have always been the cornerstone of the Inman offering will remain so. But the content is now deeper with the addition of a “Community” feature which will allow members to interact through groups and commentary and to even create profiles. They say that their goal is not to be the dominant industry social network, but I can certainly see this as a long-term possibility. I am all about one-stop shopping.

As a part of their Community, Inman will be expanding their familiar blog offering to include articles from community contributors. As reported Friday: 

As part of the new Web site launch, Inman News has invited a few top bloggers to lead the new Community section with lively blog posts and podcasts each week. We’re thrilled to have these insightful writers join the team to help Inman News deliver even more insight into the latest technologies, trends and issues impacting real estate professionals.

Our new community contributors include:

Now, if that doesn’t scare the socks off of a small-time working girl whose Outlook calendar is about to implode, I don’t know what does! Time to get in touch with my insightful, lively self. Just as soon as I find the cat. By the way, Inman, I noticed that Teresa and Daniel are credited with founding their blogs, while I apparently just hang out at mine. On second thought, it’s probably better to leave the impression that I didn’t actually set out to create this site on purpose. It makes me less accountable.

Inman staff admits that there will be some bugs along the way. My to-do list this morning pales in comparison to what I can only image theirs has looked like over the past year in undertaking a complete redesign and migration of content accumulated since 1995. (Remember 1995? Those were the days when neither Inman nor I needed a face lift. What a difference a decade makes.) Many of us have been test-driving the beta version of the site for awhile and, this morning, the only glitch I am seeing is that the site loads just a little slower than molasses.

I like molasses. It buys me some time.

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