Who is your agent marketing?

Marketing is a big part of what agents do. That’s because the average home buyer, absent having the psychic hotline on speed dial, needs to first know a home is for sale before they will consider writing an offer. Buyers are funny that way.

As agents, we must also spend some time marketing ourselves. Starbucks can sell you a latte every day. Enjoy a cup of Joe today, and the experience will still be fresh tomorrow morning when you are struggling to rev the engines. Not so with real estate. We buy or sell a home on average once every seven years or so. In between, there exists a big ol’ void of real estate-free living, where the furthest thing from our minds is who the Neighborhood Specialist du jour might be.

So, we of the agent ilk must do both; we must market ourselves and market our clients’ properties. The key for the consumer is to ensure that their agent isn’t confusing the two.

This looks nice. I kind of like it, even though it does nothing to sell your home. But then, it really is all about me (well, me and that other guy).


This, on the other hand, is personal.  (By the way, it’s also available. You should buy it.)

Billboard 2

Admittedly, there is a place for both in the agent’s arsenal. There has to be, because we like to eat. But, when I am on the clock, I had better be working for you.

And, when I saw this sign, I had to wonder just what it was that we were selling here.

Big Head

photo courtesy of Never Was an Arrow II

Can we possibly make our heads any bigger? I like our way better.

Yard Sign

There is enough imagery here, not to mention names and contact information, to remind the passers-by just who it is that is representing the seller in the transaction. But it’s subtle; neither do we believe we have to beat you over the head with our mug shots nor do we get how that might help to promote the home – you know, that thing you hired us to do.

The good news is that our Multiple Listing Service does not allow photos of anything but the home, and agents who include any personal, identifying information in their entries are subject to fine and forfeiture of a couple of limbs. Fortunately, this agent complied. Unfortunately, this agent never moved away from his own zip code.

Please tell me this MLS photo of a $985,000 home is not a screen shot of the Google street view.

Screen shot

I’ve always wanted a home with exotic Red Marker shrubbery. If only I had a very large picture to remind me of what the agent looked like in high school, I might be inspired to call for an appointment to see it.

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