Who Knew? (Silly Saturday Post)

Kristn.jpgSomeone in the real estate blogosphere started a little game of Get to Know the Blog Host, the challenge being to share five things that people might not  know about you. The “All About MeMe” challenge…hmmm. Greg Swann bared his sole, yet was I the only one who found his revelations so in character as to not be revelations at all? I am fairly certain I will fall short of being seen as a paradox as well, but here goes.

  1. I was a five-day champion on “Super Password”, as in, they kicked you off the show in those days after five days of non-defeat. A walking thesaurus, I am. Subsequently, I was able to count Bert Convey, Patty Duke Aston and Gopher-from-the-Love Boat among my new best friends. For inquiring minds, the former two were delightful; the latter was a jerk. I have always remained hopeful that Fred Grandy’s days in Congress brought him a much-needed sense of humility. And, by the way, being a California girl, I was also a four-day champ on “Card Sharks”, a big loser on the big loser “Hit Man”, and a moderate success on Concentration (seven days in Australia, a diamond necklace and an armoire that still resides in my bedroom among the booty from that venture).
  2. I have a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering but, given a choice (money), I would have pursued physical anthropology as a career (almost my minor). Jane Goodall was my early idol and my early inspiration for my liberal (agnostic) leanings.
  3. I am a sports brat. My father was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Before I was out of diapers, I was the family holiday entertainment. My father would hold up a page from the professional football program showing pictures of the various team helmets, and, as he pointed to each, I would dutifully call out “AFL” or “NFL”. “66?” “Ray Nitschke!”. The Real Estate Zebra will appreciate this – My father would yell out the penalty, and I would have to act out the corresponding signal and call out the penalty (“Clipping,15 yards, loss of down”). Black and Blue Division, Frantic Francis, the Purple People Eaters, the Ice Bowl – All stuff of my childhood. My best Christmas? Ambushing Bart Starr in his driveway (he was wielding a snow blower at the time) for an autograph. During my formative years (high school), my father was a drive-time radio sportscaster and the voice of the Houston Rockets. His pay was, as he said, all the tickets you can eat. I had been to two Superbowls by the time I was 16 years old – in the Press Box. I subsequently put myself through my first year of college running an illegal sports book out of my dorm room. Now, I can’t name more than three starters for the San Diego Chargers. Alas, the competing demands of old-age wore me down.
  4. I flunked my driving test twice before finally passing on the third try (a pity license). As my last tester put it, I am easily “attracted and distracted”. Driving on the sidewalk (only for a minute!) didn’t help. I am still a menace to the road. I have never had an at-fault wreck, but many in my vicinity have no doubt driven into ditches (or bayous, as they call them in the south) avoiding me. I used to drive a Lexus, but now drive a VW Beetle rag top, and I consider it the best car I have ever owned!
  5. I read the Brothers Karamazov and actually enjoyed Dostoevsky; I have dabbled in everything from Bronte (both sisters) to Lenin (not the Beatle) to Steinbeck to Ayn Rand, and I like to consider myself somewhat cerebral. Despite this, I stink at geography and can barely find Canada on a map. And I understand about one-quarter of everything Greg Swann writes. 🙂

Our cyber-chain letter has so far followed this path of destruction:

Now, in the spirit, I’ll tag Daniel Rothamel, the one and only Real Estate Zebra (under the circumstances, a fitting passing of the baton), and of course, Steve Berg.

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