Why wait for March Madness? Cramer says "buy."


Thanks to alert reader “Rido,” we identified the bottom of the market a couple of months ago. Actually, it was Jim Cramer who nailed it.

A good benchmark to use: Wait until things revert back to 2000 prices, which I think will be sometime in March 2008.

But today, Mad-Jim has apparently moved up the schedule, which means we may have to rethink our own scheduled American Home Buying Day. March is coming early.

Wrote Tom Brennan, due in large part to the recent Fed rate cut, Cramer is “so confident in the economy he’s considering buying what might be ‘the most loathed and toxic investment around’: a house.”

But don’t believe me; watch the video.

(Note: No surprise – I just noticed that my blog buddy, Jim the Realtor at bubbleinfo, got to this first. Does that guy ever sleep?)

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