Writing a successful purchase offer — Sharing my thoughts the lazy way.

After nearly three years of feeding our blog, we often feel like we have said it all before. This is because sometimes we have.

In this installment of Lazy Wednesday, I bring you my thoughts on writing a winning purchase agreement which was published last July on HGTV’s Frontdoor site. Due to some scary-looking legal contracts, republication of the article in its entirety here would land me in a headlock if not in court, but I have linked to the full article below.

When crafting a purchase offer, it is first important to understand the several truisms of the real estate sale.

  • Homes will always sell at market value. Market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay.
  • Market value is not a fixed, rigid price, but instead is a range of value. This is because no two buyers are alike. While one must have a pool, another will consider a pool a liability. I might not appreciate the wallpaper depicting whimsical garden gnomes, but you might be positively giddy that the extensive, wall-mounted bottle cap collection conveys.
  • You, the buyer, are the market.

Read the rest, if you dare.

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